Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Distraction Burglary

********* Distraction Burglary ************

Please be advised of the following which occurred at a property in Badminton on Saturday 22nd February at approximately 19.45 hours.

Victim - elderly female.

Unknown male knocked at front door wearing a yellow jacket with "Police" written on it. He has informed the occupier he was conducting enquiries following burglaries of cash in the area and asked the victim if she had any cash in her house. She took the first male upstairs to show him, at which point a second male entered the property and removed the cash whilst first male distracted the victim. Suspects then left via the front door. No vehicle or direction of travel seen.

1) W/M, late 30s, 5' 4, stocky build, round face, clean shaven, wearing a sleeveless yellow Hi-Vis top, with the word POLICE on the front in light blue and a wool hat.
2) W/M, late 30s, 6'0", slim build, oval face, unkempt, wearing a blue hooded top with hood up and pulled around his face.

Please circulate and advise all to be vigilant, genuine Officers will always provide identification but if in doubt do NOT let them in, call the Police immediately on the 999 number.


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