Our Defibrillator

What is it?

A defibrillator is a device to help someone having a heart attack, or other heart abnormality, by delivering an electric shock.

The defibrillator needs to be used as part of a package of support including chest compressions and supportive breathing, also known as CPR. On its own the defibrillator will not keep someone alive until the paramedics arrive.



Where is it?

The defibrillator in Westerleigh is on the front of the Olde Inne, next to the church. It is in a green metal box to protect the defibrillator from the weather and from being vandalised or stolen.


How do I use it?

First you call 999 and ask for the ambulance service.
The operator will help you assess the situation and will help you assist the casualty by:
  • helping you to give CPR to keep the blood flowing and helping the casualty to breath
  • telling you how to access the defibrillator
  • tell you how to use the defibrillator
There are two YouTube videos showing how to use the defibrillator model we have in the village. You can see them here: video1 video2. Look at these to become familiar with the defibrillator and help save someones life.


Who looks after the defibrillator?

The defibrillator is looked after by the Westerleigh Neighbourhood Watch who regularly check the device and report its status to the ambulance service.

The Neighbourhood Watch also run regular CPR training sessions which include use of the defibrillator. These are advertised in the Village Newsletter.

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